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  • A Casual take on Chic

    A Casual take on Chic

    You may have read a little time ago that we are really into Chic. In our previous blog post we happily showed you one of the bags of our Inner City Chic collection. But today we'd like to present one another collection with a chic twist: meet Casual Chic ! A contemporary cocktail of fashion, femininity and simplicity for everyday elegance.

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  • Hurray for International Teachers Day!

    Hurray for International Teachers Day!

    Today we celebrate men and women who teach (or taught) us a lot of things.... Yes indeed: you, our beloved teachers!
    And on this special day we would like to present to you two collections we think you would appreciate: Walker and Inner City Chic. We believe you deserve a change of working apparel so now and then so why not add a new bag to your wish list?

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  • From board meetings to after work get-togethers

    From board meetings to after work get-togethers

    With its quilted protective exterior and ingenious storage functions, a Diamond Touch bag will take you from board meetings to after work get-togethers with ease. Designed with your day-long comfort in mind, these polished styles are equally practical and chic.
    Diamond Touch & go!

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  • Hedgren Connect soon available online

    Hedgren Connect soon available online

    Since August 20th, the full Hedgren Connect product range has been exclusively available at BHV Marais in Paris and FNAC.
    For those of you outside France, your patience has been tested. But now, the time has come, the Hedgren Connect e-store will go live on Monday September 21st! Ok we admit, 3 more days to cope with but we assure you, it will be worth the wait!

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  • Hedgren Connect: Charge your life

    Hedgren Connect: Charge your life

    Soon to be in-store and online, meet a brand new product line: "Hedgren Connect". A new line of trendy and functional bags with an integrated battery pack to keep your tablet, phone and other accessories charged at all time and to support your digital lifestyle on the go.

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  • Pick it, Pack it, Go!

    Pick it, Pack it, Go!

    A new season has started, a new collection has been launched.

    Meet our trendy new backpack and tote collection: The Back and Pack Mix! A simple design, yet trendy and functional. Whether you think of back to college or to escape on a (city)trip? 

    Pick it by colour, type of shape, pack it & Go!

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  • Get up and go with Pilates

    Get up and go with Pilates

    The ultimate work-to-weekend refresh starts with a change of tote. Pick up a Pilates bag for a uniquely Hedgren take on practicality: plain & printed, fun & functional, light & bright, these bags will accompany you from the office to the gym and every place in between. 

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  • Ready for spring?

    Ready for spring?

    Having passed the first half of the January (winter) sales period, we are longing to show you our spring/summer 2015 collection. Here is a little teaser to warm you up for what soon will be in our stores and online!

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  • Hedgren News

    Hedgren News

    A few key news for Hedgren lovers: 

    ° Our Flagship store in Belgium has a fresh new skin & we're very happy to share the "revolution" with you!  see more pictures here:  Wijnegem Shopping center

    ° Hedgren kiosk is now open in TriNoma mall! Visit us at the Ground level (Philipines) -  more on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/HedgrenPhilippines?fref=ts

    ° Philippine's third Hedgren store is now open at SM City Clark! (Philipines)  - more on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HedgrenPhilippines?fref=ts

    ° You can purchase hedgren from our site (via our partner "Upsell" and get your favorite bag delivered all over Europe. 

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  • VIDEO  Hedgren Catwalk Fall 14 Collection

    VIDEO Hedgren Catwalk Fall 14 Collection

    New patterns, New colors, New models ... Enjoy!

    Autumn days in the City require a bag that can keep up to speed – both with your daily life, and with the latest
    trends.  Inner City living keep things slick with practical styles and functional storage space: ready for storing everything!

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  • Inner City Airline Collection

    Inner City Airline Collection

    This Spring/Summer we bring you a capsule collection with a unique variety in colours. We have extended the Inner City collection with 4 beautiful and vibrant colours and prints. The Fiery Red is a deep, passionate red, where the Blanc de Blanc is a virgin white. The prints and designs we call bubble. A geometric design with playful polka dots brings your bags to life.

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    Check out our brochure for our two favorite, upcoming seasons. Spring/Summer is on our doorstep and we are looking forward to go to the beach and take a holiday on the other side of the world. Take a tour with Djaja and Johan through Barcelona as they start the day commuting to work and finishing it at the beach in Barcelona.

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