Here you will be able to read all about Hedgren and the world behind the brand. We will be posting interesting stories on a regular base including inspiring, relevant content we found online and we think is worth sharing with you. So stay tuned with Hedgren and check our blog regularly for updates.

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  • Hedgren Style Fair 2015

    Hedgren Style Fair 2015

    Last week the Hedgren Style Fair took place in the Philippines. This annual event has become one of the major meeting points for fashion lovers in the Philippines. 

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  • Photo exhibition ‘my City, my Life’

    Photo exhibition ‘my City, my Life’

    Do you want to enjoy a bit of art whilst picking out your next favourite bag? Then we have some exciting news for you!
    Hedgren has the opportunity to host the 'my City, my Life' exhibition of Koen Liekens, a talented Brussels-based travel photographer.

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  • Just let it be

    Just let it be

    Discreet and elegant are the outcome of a smart combination: smooth leather and minimalist design. With its genuine look this collection's compact and surprisingly spacious shapes will captivate you.

    Just let it be.

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  • Surrender to Temptation

    Surrender to Temptation

    Temptation's contemporary design perfectly combines minimalist shapes with smooth leather-feel trimmings. For an everyday wear or even special occasions. These bags can be the centerpiece of a perfect look.

    A temptation you're "allowed" to fall into.

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  • Let Zeppelin lead the way

    Let Zeppelin lead the way

    With exquisite attention to detail, updated classic styling and organizational efficiency, this “new” collection brings a refined sophistication to business and travel. Engineered for professionals. Functional styles include tablet-ready crossbody bags, handy laptop backpacks, and business bags with wheels or without.

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  • From board meetings to after work get-togethers

    From board meetings to after work get-togethers

    With its quilted protective exterior and ingenious storage functions, a Diamond Touch bag will take you from board meetings to after work get-togethers with ease. Designed with your day-long comfort in mind, these polished styles are equally practical and chic.
    Diamond Touch & go!

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  • Connected Life 2.0

    Connected Life 2.0

    Technology has made our life easier, no doubt. 

    But with all great things, come some downsides: the battery of your device just died, you don't have the right cable to plug in, the program you just planned on using crashed... So here are some tips to make connected life even more enjoyable. 

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  • Hedgren Connect soon available online

    Hedgren Connect soon available online

    Since August 20th, the full Hedgren Connect product range has been exclusively available at BHV Marais in Paris and FNAC.
    For those of you outside France, your patience has been tested. But now, the time has come, the Hedgren Connect e-store will go live on Monday September 21st! Ok we admit, 3 more days to cope with but we assure you, it will be worth the wait!

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  • Style of nature

    Style of nature

    Think natural, think original, think easy-going. Three words to describe our new collection Natural Flare.

    Discover new places without any hassle thanks to these stylish and practical bags.

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  • Hedgren Connect: Charge your life

    Hedgren Connect: Charge your life

    Soon to be in-store and online, meet a brand new product line: "Hedgren Connect". A new line of trendy and functional bags with an integrated battery pack to keep your tablet, phone and other accessories charged at all time and to support your digital lifestyle on the go.

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  • Pick it, Pack it, Go!

    Pick it, Pack it, Go!

    A new season has started, a new collection has been launched.

    Meet our trendy new backpack and tote collection: The Back and Pack Mix! A simple design, yet trendy and functional. Whether you think of back to college or to escape on a (city)trip? 

    Pick it by colour, type of shape, pack it & Go!

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  • Get up and go with Pilates

    Get up and go with Pilates

    The ultimate work-to-weekend refresh starts with a change of tote. Pick up a Pilates bag for a uniquely Hedgren take on practicality: plain & printed, fun & functional, light & bright, these bags will accompany you from the office to the gym and every place in between. 

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  • We had fun!

    We had fun!

    We had fun running for Think-Pink last Sunday, April 26th. Unfortunately two of our colleagues were injured and could not participate, but five of us gave everything; four on the "5 km short run" and one on the "10 miles". Depsite the weather, we enjoyed every minute. A big thank you to all our supporters :)

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  • Guess and WIN

    Guess and WIN

    On Sunday April 26th, seven colleagues at Hedgren will run the DVV Antwerp 10 miles. Six of them will run the 5 km short run and one will take on the full 10 miles. But we would like your to win too and therefore we have set up a competition.

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  • Hedgren runs for Think-Pink

    Hedgren runs for Think-Pink

    On 26th April the 30th edition of the “Antwerp 10 miles” will take place. Over 40,000 runners will participate in this popular, fun and challenging event by either running the ‘5 km short run’, the ’10 miles’ or even ‘the  marathon’. Seven colleagues at Hedgren have decided to take on the challenge. Five women, two men, six of them run the ‘5 km short run’, 1 the ’10 miles’. 

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  • Happy Chinese New Year

    Happy Chinese New Year

    With our APAC headquarter located in Hong Kong and having a lot of Hedgren fans in Asia, we do not want to miss Chinese New Year ofcourse!

    so Happy Chinese New Year to you all! Have a happy year of the Goat/Sheep.

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  • Ready for spring?

    Ready for spring?

    Having passed the first half of the January (winter) sales period, we are longing to show you our spring/summer 2015 collection. Here is a little teaser to warm you up for what soon will be in our stores and online!

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