Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and maybe you are slightly desperate to find the perfect gift by now.

Don’t worry, we know just the thing for every mom!

The sporty mom

The sporty mom is always on the move. She needs a practical bag to guide her through the day. Comfort is essential for the active mother. She has a sporty look and feels good in her skin. Her presence gives others energy.

The casual mom

She usually doesn’t dress up too much, she keeps it casual. That’s why this mom likes having her accessories in basic colours to match her outfits. She wants to look good but feels no need to stand out. This mom needs a casual bag to complete her easy going look.

The classy mom

We all recognize her when she walks into the room. This elegant mother’s outfits are always on point. From head to toe you know that every detail will be perfect. The classy mom is all about elegance and therefore a graceful addition to her outfits is definitely a good idea. We’ve got the perfect gift!

The playful mom

This happy mom is always in need of a pop of colour! This can be with fun colours and prints. She shows her emotions in what she wears. This is why the playful mother is usually dressed in energetic colours or patterns and it is pure joy to be around her. The Inner City shoulder bag with aqua print is the perfect accessory to match her optimistic personality.

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