Picture Perfect









How to take the perfect picture

We live in a digital era where social media is a source of influence when it comes to fashion.                                                                          

There are many style icons out there and it seems like some of those influencers just rock every outfit.                                                                          

But then we are all too familiar with the mirror telling us we look good and the camera disagreeing.                                                                          

So what is the best way to show off your new outfit on Instagram?                                                                          


Start with good lighting

You have two options for the perfect brightness. You can take a selfie in natural light, or you can buy a special white lamp for artificial lighting. When you want to take a picture outside, the best timing is at sunrise or sunset because that way you have the perfect amount of luminosity without it being too bright. You should always play with it a little by spinning around until you find the perfect lighting!

Angles are everything

You can slightly look up toward the camera to really emphasize your eyes. Also, try taking the picture from the side instead of holding your phone or camera in front of you. Take a few photos just to see which one is your best angle. Then turn your head and look into the lens from the side. Guaranteed you’ll look amazing.

The power of filters

Photoshop can do miracles but we still want you to be your beautiful self. So instead of changing things in the picture by editing it, you can simply put a filter over it. This way you can mask a few subtle things and brighten up your photo without changing your appearance.

No distractions allowed

Honey, you just bought that gorgeous outfit that you are wearing so why are you letting the crazy wallpaper steal your spotlight? It’s always best to choose a neutral background, like a white wall. Brick walls or something more floral can also look really flattering. As long as you stay the star, we say go for it!