A new year, a new you, a new bucket list of magic metropolises to visit

2017, once again a new year, and that of course can’t go without making yourself some new promises you hope to keep, but we have to admit, most of the times don’t. Those promises we like to call ‘New Year’s resolutions’. Sounds familiar, right?! Promising yourself to travel more often, is like a scout’s honor, a honorable promise you just cannot break. A new year, a new you, a new bucket list of cities you simply have to visit. Our ‘must-visit’ 2017 city bucket list is one you can’t resist. ‘Scout’s honor!’. Let us guide you and inspire your next trip, or even make you loose your hart to one of these cities and move abroad. Wherever it may lead you!

1. Merida - Mexico 

Escape from reality with Escapade. ​

2. Jaipur - India 

3. Lisbon - Portugal

Walk your way with Walker. ​

4. Havana - Cuba

5. Bordeaux - France

Have it knocked with Knock Out. 

6. Kyoto - Japan

7. Budapest - Hungary

Walk down the Avenue in style with Inner City Avenue. 

8. Sukhothai - Thailand