Administrative Professionals' Day

Celebrated in several countries around the globe - dates differ but all more or less in the same period - April is Administrative Professionals' month! 

New Zealand has April 15th in the agenda. In Belgium, The Netherlands and France it is celebrated on April 16th. Hong Kong picked the last wednesday of April and the UK, US and Canada go for April 22nd. If you are a personal assitant, secretary, receptionist or any other type of administrative professional, April is your month!

Apparently, the custom to celebrate one of the most important people in the office dates back to the fifties, when more skilled administrative people were needed due to a booming industry after world war II. The day is often celebrated by giving gifts such as flowers, chocolates, gift cards, taking them out for lunch... Why not think out of the box this year? We're sure your assitant wouldn't mind something different... #getinspired ;)

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