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Hey there ! We are Nathalie and Sébastien, French travel bloggers from Borderless Travelers where we share our adventures from all over the world and all of our tips and tricks to make the best out of your trip! We’ve teamed up with Hedgren to give you a glimpse of all the adventures we had carrying our faithful Hedgren connect backpack around the globe and today, we’ll tell you about Switzerland. This beautiful country has much more to offer than just cheese, chocolate and cows ! Let us tell you how we fell in love with it…

It was the first time we had the opportunity to visit Switzerland and we were very curious and excited to find out more about it. We had decided to explore Switzerland by train because we figured it would be easier for our sanity to not have to worry about the car getting scratches or driving on snowy roads, which we are not used to! After spending the night in Geneva, we left bright and early the next day for the Vallée de Joux. Have you ever heard of this place? Well we completely hadn’t prior to preparing this trip! We instantly had sparkles in our eyes when browsing the Tourist Office’s website to learn about the place and we just couldn’t wait to explore this peaceful countryside environment. And the place did not disappoint. We had the most relaxing time there, punctuated by a walk in a dazzling fairlytale pine tree forest, some great encounters and delicious meals. Sure, eating out in Switzerland is quite expensive but the bright side is that the service is perfect and the food is fresh, local and delicious! The best part of our stay was probably when we had the chance to enjoy a nice relaxing time at the Wellness center after spending the afternoon walking around in the snow. It was the first time we experienced an outdoor Jacuzzi and you should know that doing it in winter while being surrounded by fresh snow and beautiful landscape is simply amazing!

Next stop? Chateau d’Oex (pronounce it “chateau day”), a cute little village nearby the beautiful Lake Geneva. To get up there, you’ll have to take a train at the Montreux train station and you can chose between a regular boring 2-way trip or a fun cheese-themed ride in an old-fashioned train called “Le Train du Fromage” (Cheese train). Can you guess which option we picked?! Obviously, we’re still at the getting-to-know-each-other step of our relationship but there’s one essential statement you have to know about us : we are foodies! And it’s not just about French food but it’s about world food! We are enthusiastically curious about new flavors and tastes so we naturally went with the Cheese train option! To do so, you’ll have to get a ticket at the Goldenpass counter in the Montreux train station and it comes with a full-day package containing the 2-way trip but also a welcome drink at the station, a meal at a typical Swiss fondue restaurant and an artisan cheese making demonstration. If we lost you at fondue, let’s just say that it’s a typical dish from the Alps region (you can also find it in France) made of small pieces of bread you have to dip into hot melted cheese mixed with white wine. Is your mouth watering yet? Being French, we had already tasted fondue back home but nothing quite compares with the one we had in Chateau d’Oex. It was absolutely delicious, we just couldn’t get enough of it! The charming rustic restaurant had waitresses dressed with traditional clothes and a very friendly smiling man was showcasing to us how the cheese is made, simply perfect. We enjoyed each moment of our meal and learned quite a lot!

To make this trip complete, we had to check out one of the many ski resorts of Switzerland! We went to Les Diablerets and we were completely mind-blown by this heavenly place. It’s filled with beautiful, one of a kind chalets that often have detailed carvings on their facades. It’s quite nice to take a walk around the village to see them and you can also count on seeing many little devils playing the flute. According to the legend, it was born of a forbidden love between a fairy and a shepherd and it’s now the symbol of Les Diablerets. The main attraction of the area is the marvelous Glacier 3000 where the ski trails actually are. The Peak Walk is the first and only suspension bridge to connect 2 mountain peaks in the World, quite spectacular right? Unfortunately, it was very windy when we got there so the walk was closed. We took the 45-minutes Glacier Walk instead which was quite challenging because of the cold wind but came with a great reward in the end : eating a delicious meal in an authentic mountain shelter. Overall, staying at Les Diablerets was amazing and frustrating but it was definitely good enough for us wanting to come back.

bastien and Nathalie

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Backpack shown on picture: Hedgren Connect "Junction"