Proudly supporting Think-Pink

We are proud to announce our partnership with Think-Pink!

Think-Pink is the Belgian national breast cancer campaign and aims to improve the lives of breast cancer patients and their families. With the majority of our customers being women, Think-Pink has our attention and respect. They do a fantastic job, so little was needed to convince us supporting this amazing organisation and the fight against breast cancer. Soon you can find out more about the initiatives we have put in place to raise attention. Watch this space!


More about Think-Pink:

Think-Pink is the Belgian national breast cancer campaign offering support and organising activities within the context of four clearly defined objectives:

• Providing information
• Raising awareness
• Funding research
• Funding care and follow-up care projects

Think-Pink has four funds to achieve its objectives: Through the Beautiful Lengths Fund, Think-Pink can help women acquire a wig. The purpose of the Share your Care Fund is to make life with, or after cancer a little easier through a small gesture or a sign of support. With the Fund for Breast Clinics, Think-Pink wants to support the daily operation of breast clinics and to optimise the reception and guidance of patients. Through the SMART Fund Think-Pink finances scientific research related to new methods concerning detection, treatment and follow-up care of breast cancer.

Exercise is very important and reduces the risk of breast cancer. Therefore Think-Pink organises many sporting events. The Race for The Cure in Namur, Brussels and Antwerp, the Ladies-Only bike rides, and many other walking and running events. Anyone, regardless their athletic level or physical condition, can participate or support via run, bike or For breast cancer patients it is important to be able to continue their daily activities and to participate in interesting challenges. For this reason, Think-Pink organises only positive campaigns.