Guess and WIN

On Sunday April 26th, seven colleagues at Hedgren will run the DVV Antwerp 10 miles. Six of them will run the 5 km short run and one will take on the full 10 miles. But we would like your to win too and therefore we have set up a competition.

How to participate:
Send us the answer to the question and tiebreaker in a personal message on the Hedgren facebook page

Question: Who will be the fastest Hedgren runner* on the "5 km short run" in Antwerp on April 26th?
Tiebreaker: Estimated finishing time of the Hedgren 10-miler* on the "Antwerp 10 miles" on April 26th


Names of the runners:
5 km short run: Cathy Ducy, Isabella Allegri, Nathalie van der Massen, Rong Liu, Jasper van Duyck, Michael Lauwers
Antwerp 10 miles: Sofie Hertog


You can participate between Monday, April 20th 09:00am and Friday, April 24th 23:59 (GMT+2). Only the people who have sent an answer on the question AND the tiebreaker by Friday, April 24th 23:59 (GMT+2), will be considered. The person who answerred the question correctly and whose estimated finishing time is closest to the real finishing time of our 10-miler will be the winner.
The winner will be contacted personally on Tuesday April 28th and, if he/she agrees, will be also announced on the Hedgren facebook page.