Hedgren Connect; The Movie

Once upon a time in Antwerp, on what seemed to be a common Wednesday morning, the Hedgren film crew landed in Antwerp Central Station.

Going back and forth to Paris on the Thalys train, by the end of the day the Hedgren Connect video was a wrap.

Curious about the end result? Continue reading!

8h30 Antwerp Central Station, 2 marketeers, 1 concept designer, 2 actors, 1 camera man and 1 make-up artist. The start of a hectic but awesome day!

For the first shots we had to be outside the station as we see our actors arriving on their bicylces provided by Fietsen De Geus, Antwerpen, 'ready to go work'.
Perfect weather conditions are never be assured but luckily we managed to keep the equipment dry.

10h20 - Cathing the Thalys train to Paris. The main focus was to shoot all features of the Hedgren Connect Backpack. Challenging on a moving train!

14h05 - After a refuel in Paris, we headed back to Antwerp. Time to go through the script again and preparing for the last shots in Antwerp Central Station


17h35 It's a wrap! A happy crew at the end of a fun, creative day.

This project wouldn't have been possible without Fietsen De Geus and Thalys. A special thank you to them for their co-operation.

Enjoy the Hedgren Connect video!

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