Hurray for International Teachers Day!

Today we celebrate men and women who teach (or taught) us a lot of things.... Yes indeed: you, our beloved teachers!
And on this special day we would like to present to you two collections we think you would appreciate: Walker and Inner City Chic. We believe you deserve a change of working apparel so now and then so why not add a new bag to your wish list?

Both collections consists of functional, spacious bags which will help to store all your essentials neatly.

Inner City Chic collection "Bobo" tote 13", available in black and beluga

Walker collection "Harmony L" briefcase 15.6", available in Magnet grey


Due to their fine details, the bags look very professional and will give you a positive working boost. Your colleagues will be impressed, that's for sure.



Shop the Walker Collection here and the Inner City Chic collection here

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