Photo exhibition 'my City, my Life'

Do you want to enjoy a bit of art whilst picking out your next favourite bag? Then we have some exciting news for you!
Hedgren has the opportunity to host the 'my City, my Life' exhibition of Koen Liekens, a talented Brussels-based travel photographer.

Meet Koen Liekens: a passionate photographer, creative marketeer, entrepeneur and active member of National Geographic's 'Your Shot' community. Due to his experience as an expat for a Britisch media content agency, he had the opportunity to travel a fair amount and discovered plenty of cities and places around the globe. 

In 2014 he published his first book with images of the region 'Klein-Brabant' in Belgium. In the Autumn of 2015, a second unique photobook about the grape region in Belgium followed. This book and the exhibition linked to it in Overijse were a big succes and it was the start of his new project of which he will keep the theme secret for a little longer! Check his website for regular updates if you are curious about what's next.

In the 'my City, my Life' exhibition you can discover different cities through Koen's eyes and lens. Looking for contrast and colour in these mostly grey cities, he captures lively and vibrant scenes that show you an unexpected view of these places. 

Enjoy the inspiring images from 21 november untill 11 december in our Hedgren store at Wijnegem Shopping center, BelgiumAnd don't forget to participate in our photo competition. You can win a Hedgren trolley if you answer the question correctly. Go to our store to participate :) 


See you there (and just remember Frankfurt)


Discover more about Koen Liekens: