Sweet 16

Throughout 2014 Galeria Inno, Belgium’s main department store, has worked hard to open a new store in Hasselt.  

Hasselt is known as “the capital of taste”;a city to be experienced with all senses: seeing, feeling, smelling and tasting. Moreover, Hasselt is seen as the city of fashion with a surprising shopping scene. With this in mind and Galeria Inno being one of Hedgren’s main points of sale in Belgium from the very beginning, we delightfully agreed to be part of the new chapter in the Galeria Inno story. So in December 2013, we started preparing the launch of a new shop in shop in this exciting city location.

Since November 28th plans are no longer plans; Galeria Inno Hasselt opened the doors of their 16th store in Belgium with Hedgren proudly represented in a 48m2 shop space. Hegdren’s 16th shop in shop at Galeria Inno.