Why we do what we do?

It is not what you do, it is why you do it.

Everybody needs a passion. No point in doing what you do, if you don't do it with passion and conviction. We at Hedgren love making, long-lasting, functional, bags for men and women. Our design team is constantely monitoring trends, colours, hypes and so much more. They are finding, spotting and even starting some new trends, which will create someones perfect bag. One idea is enough. This is not something we do from 9 to 5, but this is something we believe in and take with us when we go home every night. Don't get me wrong, we do enjoy the occasional cocktail and party nowadays!! :)

These bags we are making, we are making them for you and everyone else walking this beautiful planet. 

We can only hope you enjoy using our bags, as much as we love creating them.