Winter is coming. Prepared for the city?

Autumn has arrived some time ago, the winter is getting closer and the signs of that are very clear. The amount of daylight is getting shorter each and each day, the cold obliges us to consume hot beverages to keep ourselves warm and we start to dress in layers. But it's also the coziest time of the year: the leaves have lovely red-orange colours, Christmas and all its marktets are just around the corner and cities get that magical look/feeling with all the lights in the streets.

You wouldn't say it's the perfect time to get out of the house and explore, but with the right bag it does. So get out of the sofa, take your new Temptation bag with you and discover the beauty of the season. Maybe these two bags can already warm you up? 

Temptation Collection "Tempting" Crossover, available in Syrah red and Black.

Their popping colours and functionality make these bags a perfect companion for a stroll down the shopping streets and a stop at that lovely coffee bar on the corner of it.

Temptation Collection "Fancy" Shoulder bag, available in Poseidon blue, Syrah red and Black.

Shop the whole Temptation collection here and make it a warm, colourful winter.

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