Hedgren Features

Functionality is key. When selecting your new bag, it is important to determine which features you need or find essential. When you travel often a smart sleeve becomes a necessity or if you are a busy mom with kids a key hook, however small it seems, can prevent you from having a meltdown.

Check out our most favourite features in this blogpost.

Smart sleeve

A smart sleeve allows you to attach your bag to your suitcase for easier mobility. Just slide the bag over the pull-handle of your trolley. This is a utile feature while travelling! We chose to incorporate this feature especially in the business bags for laptops but there are many other bags that are equipped with a smart sleeve to accompany you on your travels.

RFID protection

At Hedgren we understand the importance of guarding your personal information and belongings. This is why we often work with RFID protection in our bags and Follis, as pickpockets are always on the move. With RFID we strive to keep your personal data safe, not only while travelling abroad but also on a daily base in your own living environment.

Key hook

We all tend to throw our keys in our bag, on top of the rest but when they sink to the bottom it might take some time to obtain them again. Sometimes the keys can even scratch and damage other items in your purse This is why we added a key hook in almost each bag. It is a great finishing touch and ensuring you can always find your keys in a hurry.

Water repellent coating

Hedgren’s most recognizable feature is its nylon fabric. On top of that, all the bags have a special film that makes it water repellent so you can use it in every type of weather. This coating protects the high-quality fabric and helps keep the product in its original condition.

TSA lock

One of the things we always try to keep in mind while travelling, is safety. Well, we can make that a lot easier for you! With our TSA locks, you can easily define your own lock code and secure the zippers so you can quickly open your suitcase but other can’t. Only airport security authorities will be able to inspect your luggage without damaging it.

Phone pocket

Do you keep losing your phone in that big tote bag? Not with ours. Hedgren purses have phone pockets to ensure you never have to look for your mobile again. This is very practical in large bags or backpacks, but even in smaller crossovers it can be a useful pocket to keep everything neat and organized.