Spring Essentials


It is official, spring is here!
This means that we can put away our winter accessories
nd get ready for the sun to come out more.
Here you can discover a few essentials to prepare you for spring.

A tropical print

What better way to start spring and get ready for summer than with a tropical print? Fun colours and floral or leaf patterns can be the finishing touch to a simple outfit. Perfect when you are already dreaming about your vacation plans.

Adventure awaits

Spring brings out the adventurer in us. You long to discover the world. Go out with friends and bring your camera along so you can share your memories. Be able to bring along all the items you might need because a true adventurer has to be prepared for unexpected situations.

All day everyday

No more staying at home because the city in the spring invites us to go out! One of the perfect spring essentials, is a basic piece for every day. To go to work with, go for drinks after, visit a friend, get the groceries. We got you covered! Every woman should have a compact and practical crossover bag in her closet. Perfect for anyone who is constantly on-the-go.

Stay Fresh

Spring is about playfulness, having fun and feeling good. Modern colours and feeling fresh is perfect for this season! Our advice is to add a refreshing touch to your look of the day. You can do this with a pop of colour to give your outfit an energetic vibe!